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Screensaver At a depth of

Screensaver At a depth ofRealistic aquarium with colorful fish will raise your spirits, and pleasant music and calming sounds of the aquarium will act. In the screensaver is an additional feature - a clock, it is very convenient. Aquarium Background - this is currently bottom of the ocean or sea, beautiful reefs.

Screensaver The mill at the falls

Screensaver The mill at the fallsYears ago, at the mouth of a small river, people have built a dam and built a mill on it, to grind grain. Much water has passed under the bridge since that time ... A mill is worth all the water still runs on its blades rotating the complex mechanism. But now it is - not an instrument of labor, as before, but only a beautiful sight of the local sites and a reminder that the past people lived very differently.

Screensaver Whales And Dolphins

Screensaver Whales And DolphinsExplore the ocean depths and watch earth`s largest mammals - whales. The gracefulness of these gigantic creatures is mesmerizing as they swim over a colorful coral reef. You will also enjoy our animated diver, sea turtle, dolphins and schools of fish along with the soothing musical sound track. Upgrade to the Full version for two additional oceanic scenes. Enjoy a whale watch complete with jumping whales, schools of dolphins, waves and floating clouds as well as an additional animated underwater scene.

Screensaver Lake Scenes

Screensaver Lake ScenesTake a minute to relax as you watch your virtual lake come alive on your screen. Download this screensaver today and enjoy the beauty of nature as the water begins to ripple, flocks of birds fly overhead, and fish swim and jump alluringly. The optional sounds of nature make your lake experience complete. Upgrade to the full version for two additional lake scenes and more animation-flocks of geese, eagles and ducks as well as a sky filled with billowing clouds floating by.

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