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Screensaver Large corals

Screensaver Large coralsBig Corals - this beautiful animated screensaver from series of three screen savers Living Aquarium. Underwater obros large coral reef. Around him swim little fish who try to escape with the guidance of their mouse. This makes the headband in a small igru.V the upper right corner of the screen saver displays a clock, which show real time. It has been proved by science that the monitoring of floating in an aquarium fish relaxes and soothes. Install animated Screensaver "Big Corals" and check the properties for yourself.

Screensaver 3D Moonlight Lake

Screensaver 3D Moonlight LakeYour mind takes over as you gaze at the shining moon reflecting on the water. Moonlight Lake features the moon in all its phases reflecting on a pristine mountain lake. Watch the twinkling stars above and make your wish as you see the stars falling from the heavens. Flying birds and bats dart in and out of the twilight sky. Relax as you enjoy the original music and sounds of nature. Upgrade to the premium version for two additional moonlit scenes - tropical beach and northern pines. You control the sound and features.

Screensaver Puppy Love

Screensaver Puppy LoveCuddly and cute, these tiny canines will warm their way into your heart. This screensaver show rotates five fabulous puppy pictures that will make your friends and family say "awww".

Screensaver Fantastic Wood

Screensaver Fantastic WoodIn this surprising wood there live fantastic animals, even a fine white unicorn. Through dense green foliage bright beams of the sun make the way. Colourful butterflies and glowworms dance in air, shining a dark part of a wood. A magic wood at you on a desktop.

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