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Screensaver Fireplace & Christmas

Screensaver Fireplace & ChristmasFireplace and Christmas - this is a beautiful animated Christmas screensaver. A small cozy room with a Christmas tree and the old fireplace. In her warm and calm. In this room, all is waiting for a light holiday. From minute to come visit, but still have some time to sit down with fire and Think desire, looking, as sparks and fire plays in the fireplace ...

Screensaver 3D Fireplace

Screensaver 3D FireplaceTurn your desktop into a nice warm fireplace. You immediately warm it warm from head to toe. Hear how guzzle wood in the fireplace and lit the fire. The indispensable saver for the harsh winters!

Screensaver Living Snow Globe

Screensaver Living Snow GlobeEnjoy this fascinating snow globe set in a background of balsam and berries. The Snow Globe comes alive with falling snow and an amusing arctic scene of animated Eskimos, penguins, polar bears, and more. The soothing music with additional sounds adds to the ambience of this engaging scene. Upgrade to the premium version of Living Snow Globes for two additional snow globes each with a unique scene - ski village in warm, nutty setting and Christmas house in holiday window setting.

Screensaver Lightning Storm 3D

Screensaver Lightning Storm 3DThe angry seas erupt in this formidable Lightning Storm. The gale winds toss the schooner around like a piece of debris as the funnel cloud rotates in the threatening sky. The alarming waves threaten to crush the ship as the seagulls hover in the stormy skies. This ominous scene comes alive with a sound track filled with the sounds of wind, rain, thunder and a creaking ship. The premium version includes two additional scenes - Lightning Storm with floating lighthouse and Lightning Storm in the crimson skies. Different scenes and coloring add to the splendor of this ominous screensaver.

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