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Screensaver Lone surfer

Screensaver Lone surferPanoramic view of the coast, deserted beach, just a lone surfer, lover of adventure and freedom. When a person wants to escape from city life and summer heat, he came to the sea. In the screensaver Lone surfer you will hear the noise of the waves, feel the cool sea water, fresh wind and desired freedom.

Screensaver Green Earth

Screensaver Green EarthOn Earth Day or anyday, preserve the diversity of life on this facinating planet with these encouraging environmental scenes.

Screensaver Mountain Lake

Screensaver Mountain LakeThe mountain lake is a fine and silent corner of the nature. Here all very harmoniously and beautifully, and mountains with snow tops, both a green scaffold, and silent water of lake. Even the sailing boat floating on a water smooth surface which as though is created by the nature, perfectly supplements this as it is a beautiful landscape.

Screensaver Pumpkin Patch

Screensaver Pumpkin PatchGet in the Halloween spirit with this fun and festive ScreenSaver. Scary yet lovable pumpkins appear on your screen to celebrate as well as decorate for the greatest candy-eating day of the year. Carved will all kinds of ridiculous faces, these wacky Jack-O`Lanterns are sure to light up your holiday! Upgrade to the premium version to receive two additional Halloween scenes: First, a haunted house complete with witches, werewolves, bats, rats, ghosts, vampires, and much more will chill you to the bone. After that, stuff your face with sweets as piles and piles of Halloween candy drop straight from the sky! Get your PREMIUM Version of the Pumpkin Patch ScreenSaver today!

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