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Screensaver Turkey Shoot

Screensaver Turkey ShootIt`s turkey time! Download our barnyard scene and watch the action as you begin the hunt for your holiday dinner. Whimsical animation makes the scene come alive along with the sounds of pursuit. Download the full version and you become the hunter. Choose your weapon-gun, dynamite or bow-and watch the feather`s fly as you take aim. You`ll feel like getting up and doing the turkey trot!

Screensaver Solar Glade

Screensaver Solar GladeWhat a wonderful time of year - summer! Blue sky with few clouds, and beneath it a beautiful meadow with a wide variety of prairie flowers. Bright sun shines and butterflies fly from flower to flower. Even if the window is cold or damp, you can travel back in joyful summer looking at this colorful headband.

Screensaver The mountain river

Screensaver The mountain riverThe river flows on green plain among mountains. In the spring when the snow thaws, the small river turns to the wide greater river. But now is a quiet river to which on a watering place animals come, in the sky birds fly. Singing of birds and murmur of water operates calms.

Screensaver Lone surfer

Screensaver Lone surferPanoramic view of the coast, deserted beach, just a lone surfer, lover of adventure and freedom. When a person wants to escape from city life and summer heat, he came to the sea. In the screensaver Lone surfer you will hear the noise of the waves, feel the cool sea water, fresh wind and desired freedom.

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