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Screensaver Bible Scenes

Screensaver Bible ScenesTen, impelling, original Bible scenes from the Old Testament are certain to enhance your meditation. The corresponding Bible passages tell the story. Options include select and de-select specific images, play background music ("All Things Bright and Beautiful"), change transition and display effects, set the time delay between the images and turn off the bible verses. Also serves as an excellent educational experience. Upgrade to the Full Version for a total of 21 original, Bible scenes with corresponding Bible verses. Full version provided by R. I. Soft Systems.

Screensaver Cupid`s Valentine

Screensaver Cupid`s ValentineRomance flourishes when you download our mischievous, animated Cupid. As Cupid flies through your screen he draws his arrow, takes aim and shoots creating a whimsical heart with a special, valentine message. Download the full version to customize your heart frame and add your own photo caption.

Screensaver Romantic Moments

Screensaver Romantic MomentsHere comes Cupid! The Romantic Moments screensaver will fuel your soul and open your heart with 7 inspirational scenes, romantic poems, subtle animations and soothing background music. It can be Valentine?s Day every day of the year! Become your Juliet?s Romeo (or vice versa). Surprise your best friend with the Romantic Moments screensaver today! The full version includes 7 additional inspirational scenes and animation.

Screensaver Heart of Jungle

Screensaver Heart of JungleThe screen saver jungle heart tells about the places where people do not go. This primordial nature, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife and a variety of animals that come to drink to the waterfall. It is a live saver, flying birds and butterflies.

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