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Screensaver Let it Snow

Screensaver Let it SnowNothing like snow to make one jolly! Let It Snow features magical, animated snowmen skating in a frosty carnival scene. Watch the comical penguins serving their favorite, snow cones. The animated Ferris wheel and chair lifts add to the winter fun. The upbeat music makes this fairy tale screensaver come alive. Upgrade to the premium version for two additional animated snowmen scenes - Magical Snowmen and Snowman Picnic. Each scene has original animation to make you feel like a kid again.

Screensaver Loveable Panda Bear

Screensaver Loveable Panda BearCaptivating images of the endagered Giant Panda can be yours when you download this free screensaver pack. Add a touch of China to your desktop with these furry, fun-loving herbivores.

Screensaver Tropical Scenes

Screensaver Tropical ScenesYou can almost feel the sun on your skin with these island images. Take a trip to a tropical get away with this rotating screensaver pack.

Screensaver Calm Before the Storm

Screensaver Calm Before the StormWitness the rage of the storm as it erupts on the Scottish moor. The storm rolls in as lightning and thunder surround the castle tower as the waves kick up on the shore. Watch as the birds glide through the stormy sky. Download the full version for two additional stormy scenes, rocky shore and canyon buttes, with even more lightning and thunder. To make the scene complete listen to the eerie organ music.

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