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Screensaver Mountain Lakes

Screensaver Mountain LakesReflect on our majestic 3D Mountain Lakes ScreenSaver. The free version features a refreshing mountain lake in the summer. Animated fish, birds and butterflies are reflected in the moving water as clouds drift by on a perfect summer day. The sounds of nature make this screensaver come alive. Download the premium version for all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Select your favorite or show the scenes at random. The beautiful mountain lakes are spectacular with additional animation. You control the rain and snow as well as the sound and animation.

Screensaver Fire on Coast

Screensaver Fire on CoastIt is great to sit at night at a fire near the river, immediately to mind hiking with backpacks and tents. Very romantic saver. Around the silence and hear only the rustle of the waves and the crackle of firewood in the fire.

Screensaver Living Beaches

Screensaver Living BeachesEver dreamt of living on your own private island? Download Living Beaches, and you will be transported to the surf and the sand. The waves are hypnotic as the seagulls fly by your private beach complete with palm trees. Watch as an occasional airplane and sailboat float by. Download the full version for two additional beach scenes -- tropical sunset and beach with boat-- with more animation including dolphins, crabs and sandpipers.

Screensaver Inspirational Bible Verse

Screensaver Inspirational Bible VerseEnjoy the colorful and awesome masterpieces of the great Creator. Be inspired by His word and let your spirit be lifted by these inspirational screensavers.

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