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Screensaver Lost river

Screensaver Lost riverAmong high old trees, in a valley, the river flows. With noise falls from a stone downwards, forming a small falls, and flows further on plain. Everywhere high mountains, hills and green plains. Here very silent and quiet place which has been not touched by a civilization. In prompt the Lost river reigns the nature

Screensaver The wide river

Screensaver The wide riverHighly in the dark blue sky proud eagles, sometimes decreasing up to the water fly. The wide beautiful river flows among high mountains, dense green woods and fields with a high grass. Very beautiful and alive prompt. Rare clouds are reflected in water of the river where ducks and fishes float.

Screensaver Mountain Lake

Screensaver Mountain LakeThe mountain lake is a fine and silent corner of the nature. Here all very harmoniously and beautifully, and mountains with snow tops, both a green scaffold, and silent water of lake. Even the sailing boat floating on a water smooth surface which as though is created by the nature, perfectly supplements this as it is a beautiful landscape.

Screensaver High Mountains

Screensaver High MountainsThe fine lake hidden from all by high mountains. A magnificent landscape – high mountains with snow tops, flower valleys, the bright sun and the pure blue sky, fly butterflies and sing birds. You can see all this beauty at yourselves on a desktop.

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