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Screensaver Mysterious forest

Screensaver Mysterious forestBright beams of the sun make the way through crones of high trees, beautiful butterflies and birds fly, all blossoms in a mysterious wood. On surprisingly dark blue sky clouds slowly float. The pleasant, pacifying prompt gives eternal summer. Having guided the cursor on the butterfly in a corner you can frighten off it.

Screensaver Heart of Jungle

Screensaver Heart of JungleThe screen saver jungle heart tells about the places where people do not go. This primordial nature, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife and a variety of animals that come to drink to the waterfall. It is a live saver, flying birds and butterflies.

Screensaver Fantastic Wood

Screensaver Fantastic WoodIn this surprising wood there live fantastic animals, even a fine white unicorn. Through dense green foliage bright beams of the sun make the way. Colourful butterflies and glowworms dance in air, shining a dark part of a wood. A magic wood at you on a desktop.

Screensaver The mountain river

Screensaver The mountain riverThe river flows on green plain among mountains. In the spring when the snow thaws, the small river turns to the wide greater river. But now is a quiet river to which on a watering place animals come, in the sky birds fly. Singing of birds and murmur of water operates calms.

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