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Screensaver Adorable Pets

Screensaver Adorable PetsNothing makes us smile like a darling puppy or kitten. Fall in love with the sweet puppies, kittens, bunnies and more in our ten adorable pet photos. The subtle animation makes the pets come alive and the interesting transitions enhance the photos in this automated gallery. Upgrade to the premium version for ten additional adorable pet photos, complete with additional animation.

Screensaver 3D Penguins

Screensaver 3D PenguinsThe march goes on with our adorable colony of 3D Penguins. Adult King Penguins watch over their adorable chicks in this beautiful glacier setting. The penguins waddle and jump, tobogganing to their icy plunge into the realistic Antarctic waters. Sea birds fly overhead. An original music track with nature sounds will truly charm. Upgrade or purchase the full version for two additional original, arctic scenes. More penguin antics-- certain to amuse you and your family. You control the music and sounds of nature.Totally ad free.

Screensaver Fire on Coast

Screensaver Fire on CoastIt is great to sit at night at a fire near the river, immediately to mind hiking with backpacks and tents. Very romantic saver. Around the silence and hear only the rustle of the waves and the crackle of firewood in the fire.

Screensaver Fireplace

Screensaver FireplaceCalm and appeasement will come to you when on the screen of your monitor will be a fireplace. It's like a warm blanket you warm during cold days. Think how nice it would be to gather the family around the fireplace long winter evenings. Look for the game of flames in the fireplace and listen to a pleasant crackle of firewood.

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