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Screensaver Living 3D Dinosaurs

Screensaver Living 3D DinosaursGo back to prehistoric times where amazing 3D dinosaurs again roam the earth. The dinosaurs are on constant alert due to the presence of the carnivore, 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex. The scene evolves beneath the smoke of an active volcano and the action is reflected in the life-like lake. Dinosaurs include tyrannosaur, alamosaur, triceratops, thescelosaurus, hadrosaur and pterodactyl. The sounds of the dinosaur world will immerse you totally in the land of dinosaurs. Download the premium version for two additional prehistoric scenes and more dinosaur 3D action. You control the number and type of dinosaurs.

Screensaver Let it Snow

Screensaver Let it SnowNothing like snow to make one jolly! Let It Snow features magical, animated snowmen skating in a frosty carnival scene. Watch the comical penguins serving their favorite, snow cones. The animated Ferris wheel and chair lifts add to the winter fun. The upbeat music makes this fairy tale screensaver come alive. Upgrade to the premium version for two additional animated snowmen scenes - Magical Snowmen and Snowman Picnic. Each scene has original animation to make you feel like a kid again.

Screensaver Inspirational Bible Verse

Screensaver Inspirational Bible VerseEnjoy the colorful and awesome masterpieces of the great Creator. Be inspired by His word and let your spirit be lifted by these inspirational screensavers.

Screensaver Horses

Screensaver HorsesWhether at work, rest, or play, these incredible creatures exude graceful strength and beauty. Equine fans, download these amazing images today.

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