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Screensaver Silent Lagoon

Screensaver Silent LagoonSilent Lagoon - is a natural paradise. It replaces the day and night, depending on the actual time of day, singing birds and butterflies fly, all of this has created nature, which have not yet reached the hand of man. Install this screensaver and enjoy the magnificent scenery with tropical plants.

Screensaver Solar Glade

Screensaver Solar GladeWhat a wonderful time of year - summer! Blue sky with few clouds, and beneath it a beautiful meadow with a wide variety of prairie flowers. Bright sun shines and butterflies fly from flower to flower. Even if the window is cold or damp, you can travel back in joyful summer looking at this colorful headband.

Screensaver Spring stream

Screensaver Spring streamFinally it came spring, растаял snow, and now ran streams dissolve the leaves on the trees, there are colorful flowers and young grass. Somewhere in the woods, on the rocks, flowing clean and clear water at the bottom is formed backwater. This computer comes to watering the forest inhabitants.

Screensaver Jungle waterfall

Screensaver Jungle waterfallInteresting tropical plants, impenetrable jungle, and among them - a waterfall. Wonderful creation of nature. In this screensaver you will hear the noise of the waterfall, and even feel the cool spray. Everything is covered with greenery, and even do not see where taking a waterfall. Hidden from human eyes waterfall on your desktop.

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