Answers to frequently asked questions that arise during the installation of screen savers

Video instructions for installing the screen saver

To view video, upgrade Flash Player

If the installer does not seem to do so, you should install screensaver in the video on this page.

When you click the link to load page with the text "Application Error!"

The message "Application Error!" appears at high load on the server. Try to download the screensaver later.

I can not install the screensaver ...

  • Choose a screensaver on the site.
  • Click on the button "Download".
  • Click on the button "Download now" in the opened window. Download will start and install the screensaver.
  • Click on the right bottom button “Accept” in the first install window of screensavers.
  • Further there will be requests for permission to install the accompanying software. Click "Accept" to install successfully the screen saver on all three pages.
  • After you give your agreement to install the related programs, the window with information about the installation and the time of its completion will appear.
  • At the end of installation the screen saver program advices you to test your computer and to install the optimum settings for the screen saver. You can simply click "no".
  • Install this screensaver is complete. Click on "Finish".

If anything, you will still seem confusing, we recommend that you watch a short video clip for installing screen savers.

Why screensaver contains so much advertising?

Because the free screensaver. Paid version does not contain advertising.

Unable to fully download the screensaver ...

Use download manager

Brandmauer reported the virus found in the screensaver ...

Inside the program is an advertising banner. Brandmauer communicate it. You have nothing to fear!


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