Informer with desktop screensavers

If you have a website and you want to allow users to download the screen savers you can totally get our informer code and place it on your site. And then all of our screensavers can see and download the users of your site. This will lift the interest in your project.

Language informer

Language, which will be written the name of the screen savers

Encoding informer

Encoding, which is written the text links on the screen savers.

Type informer

Specifies the location of each informer in the screen saver on each other.

The number of screen savers

The number of screen savers, which will show the informer.

Image Width

The width of the images in the informer. Proportional to calculate the height of the image.

Height image

The height of the images in the informer. Proportional calculate the height of image width.

Fontsize Linking, px

Font size in link with the name of screensaver.


Informer code


Appearance informer

Do not allow any modification of code informer. It should be placed in the form in which you have generated on this page. Permission is granted to change the informer apparently under the style of your site using CSS-styles. If you have difficulty installing informer - please contact us using the form on the contact page.


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