Screensaver The mill at the falls

Years ago, at the mouth of a small river, people have built a dam and built a mill on it, to grind grain. Much water has passed under the bridge since that time ... A mill is worth all the water still runs on its blades rotating the complex mechanism. But now it is - not an instrument of labor, as before, but only a beautiful sight of the local sites and a reminder that the past people lived very differently.

Screensaver Heart of Jungle

The screen saver jungle heart tells about the places where people do not go. This primordial nature, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife and a variety of animals that come to drink to the waterfall. It is a live saver, flying birds and butterflies.

Screensaver Jungle waterfall

Interesting tropical plants, impenetrable jungle, and among them - a waterfall. Wonderful creation of nature. In this screensaver you will hear the noise of the waterfall, and even feel the cool spray. Everything is covered with greenery, and even do not see where taking a waterfall. Hidden from human eyes waterfall on your desktop.

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