Screensaver Spring stream

Finally it came spring, растаял snow, and now ran streams dissolve the leaves on the trees, there are colorful flowers and young grass. Somewhere in the woods, on the rocks, flowing clean and clear water at the bottom is formed backwater. This computer comes to watering the forest inhabitants.

Screensaver Spring Time

Spring Time Screensaver dedicated to the long-awaited time of year. When the first spring flowers appear, are beginning to blossom, young leaves, the sun shines brighter, the grass grows lush fresh. The butterflies flit from flower to flower, singing birds and nature is preparing to meet the summer. All this is surprising, and pleases the eye.

Screensaver Mysterious forest

Bright beams of the sun make the way through crones of high trees, beautiful butterflies and birds fly, all blossoms in a mysterious wood. On surprisingly dark blue sky clouds slowly float. The pleasant, pacifying prompt gives eternal summer. Having guided the cursor on the butterfly in a corner you can frighten off it.

Screensaver Solar Glade

What a wonderful time of year - summer! Blue sky with few clouds, and beneath it a beautiful meadow with a wide variety of prairie flowers. Bright sun shines and butterflies fly from flower to flower. Even if the window is cold or damp, you can travel back in joyful summer looking at this colorful headband.

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