Screensaver 3D Spring Blossoms

In seconds spring will magically blossom on your desktop. The extraordinary scene springs to life as the trees blossom and flowers grow frequented by an array of 3D ducks, rabbits and robins with their adorable babies. The reflective pond comes alive with the beauty of a perfect spring day as clouds drift by and a slight breeze stirs. The sounds of nature add to the realism of this picture perfect day. Download the premium version for two additional magical Spring scenes and more adorable 3D animals

Screensaver Living 3D Butterflies

Watch your screen come alive with the beauty of the spectacular 3D Living Butterflies screensaver. Watch as clouds drift by and the meadow flowers bend in a gentle breeze. Download the full version of Living 3D Butterflies and watch your screen come alive with the beauty of spectacular 3D butterflies. Watch as clouds drift by and the meadow flowers bend in a gentle breeze. The full version includes a tropical cliff with a flowing waterfall and tropical hills.

Screensaver Silent Lagoon

Silent Lagoon - is a natural paradise. It replaces the day and night, depending on the actual time of day, singing birds and butterflies fly, all of this has created nature, which have not yet reached the hand of man. Install this screensaver and enjoy the magnificent scenery with tropical plants.

Screensaver Living Beaches

Ever dreamt of living on your own private island? Download Living Beaches, and you will be transported to the surf and the sand. The waves are hypnotic as the seagulls fly by your private beach complete with palm trees. Watch as an occasional airplane and sailboat float by. Download the full version for two additional beach scenes -- tropical sunset and beach with boat-- with more animation including dolphins, crabs and sandpipers.

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